New council maps which are set to label more properties across Logan as being at risk of flooding should not be published until residents are consulted, according to a councillor.

Cr Scott Bannan told *PS Logan: “This is the biggest decision that has been made in Council in 20 years. My concern is that not enough people know about it.”

The new flood maps are due to be released by Council next month, and Mayor Darren Power has previously admitted: “A lot of people with existing properties will get upset because we’ve deemed their land flood-prone and it’s going to reduce their value.”

As well as making some properties harder to sell, banks are less likely to offer mortgages on homes deemed to be at risk.

The new maps factor in the effects of climate change, meaning some properties will fall under the “big blue line” designating them as flood-prone despite never having been flooded so far.

Bannan said: “I think everyone who is affected by the different mapping has to be notified – we just need better community consultation.

“Before we go on, lock something in, we need to talk to the people we look after.”

Cr Scott Bannan

Council is due to discuss the new maps at a workshop next week as well as at a special meeting on September 6.

But Bannan said he is “dead against” their release before more discussion takes place, not just with community members but also with other levels of government.

He explained: “I just think it's heartbreaking. It's just not fair. If the goal posts have been moved, and if it's not anyone's fault, other than the climate, I honestly think that all three levels of government, local, state and federal, need to sit down and work it out.”

Bannan added that he does not believe that some of the flooding forecast by the maps will ever actually take place, saying: “I just can’t see it happening.”

A council spokesperson said community consultation on the flood maps will take place as part of general consultation about the City’s new planning scheme, which is called Logan Plan 2025.

The statement added: “Council understands it has an obligation under State legislation to ensure people know about flood risk and a duty of care to ensure the safety of the community.

“A flood study program has been established as Council reviews flood mapping across the City of Logan.”

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